California Surfing Day


surfing has always felt like such a gift to me. from my first foray into what would unwittingly become a lifelong passion, to now, over a decade and a half later, every session, every wave, every paddle feels like something special bestowed upon me by the universe at large. like a gem hidden in plain sight, i feel as though i was shown a secret door to a land (or sea, rather) that, is it turned out, i would never want to leave.

photo:  Matthew Ord

now, i realize that california is not technically a ‘travel’ destination for me, as it is my home state, but it’s one that is so varied and broad that i feel it deserves its own mention, especially with the historic news being declared on its behalf today. read on to learn more.

in addition to this, having been raised in the great state of california and spent the better part of my life playing its pacific waters, i realize that i am doubly blessed. as fortunate as i feel to have been introduced to the world of surfing at a relatively young age, i also believe that surfing is there for everyone to enjoy. no matter who you are or where you live, or what your age or whether you’ve even seen the ocean before, it is our collective playground to enjoy together as a humanity... which makes it all the more exciting to share the news that the california state legislature has recognized surfing as the state’s official sport! as of today, and each year going forward, september 20th will be a day to honor the long and stoke-filled legacy of surfing in this beautiful land.

not only does this new holiday commemorate the state’s longstanding unofficial pastime, it also serves as an annual emphasis on our shared responsibility to protect our beaches and coastal environments for generations of californians to come. so, please join me and visit california in celebrating this inaugural holiday + expressing your love for surfing in this great state by tagging #californiasurfingday on social media to share how you celebrate.

photo:  Matthew ord

slide over to to learn more about this historic declaration in surfing and california history — now go surf!

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