The Simple Life with Corina Rose


— via Barefoot Surf Travel

The girl, photographer and longboarder behind Girl From Up North is known most commonly as Corina on the Internet, but for as long as she can remember, has always just been Cori. Her handle name is straight forward – originally from a small town in California’s central coast, Atascadero. She says most people only know the town because of its arguably more charming neighbor to the south (San Luis Obispo), wine country to the north (Paso Robles), or by the fact that there’s an In-N-Out there.

Her humble nature and love of simplicity stems not only from where she grew up, but with whom. Being the youngest of five siblings, she took to observing others’ mistakes as teachings and striving to do what the “big kids” were doing. As she grew older, the pressure of college was nonexistent from her family, and they encouraged her and her siblings to nurture their creative side in whatever way they felt. Their lack of force influenced her to attend college, studying classes mainly revolving around the arts and nutrition, and continuing to develop her love of film photography.

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