RVCA x W Costa Rica

RVCA advocates Alex Knost, Matt Pagan & Cori Barnick embark on their on their second trip abroad with W Hotels with W Hotels for a week of waves, luxury accommodations and local entertainment on the northern coast of Costa Rica. Photos by Zak Noyle, video edit by Blaine Suque.


RVCA’s Intriguing Partnership with

W Hotels

If you check out Instagram frequently, you’ve probably seen the collaboration between RVCA and W Hotels, which features RVCA advocates exploring surf spots and other experiences at select W Hotel locations.


RVCAloha Explained

RVCAloha is many things, making it hard to define as one thing. In this video RVCA advocates & artists share what RVCAloha means to them and explain what this experience is all about.


Sanuk’s Collaging the Line

Paige Alms, Susan Wickstrand, Jaysea Devoe and Cori Barnick explore the collage that is artistic expression in Mainland Mexico 


W Hotels x RVCA

W Hotels teamed up with RVCA to explore the surf breaks off the coast of some of the W Escapes destinations. First stop, the Pacific beaches of Mexico at W Punta de Mita.


World Premier: Collaging the Line

via Surfer Magazine

A quartet of women with varied skill sets share waves and empowering philosophies in Mexico