corina rose (aka cori) is a surfer, photographer and artist from california’s central coast. her roots lay in rural areas that are rich with open expanses of land and bordered by deep, unruly seas. it is these places from which she draws much of her artistic and personal inspiration, and which play an intrinsic role in her aesthetic approach.

although her work has evolved over time, cori’s vision remains the same – to convey the beauty she finds in nature’s finest details.

her 35mm film images have been featured across multiple media platforms and in gallery spaces around the world, as well as in her home state of california. these days, apart from taking up-close photos of plants and waves, you can find cori surfing, doing yoga, cheating on crossword puzzles and spending time with her boyfriend, Austin.





via Barefoot Surf Travel


via Stay Wild Magazine: Winter 2016



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